Today is Lincoln’s Birthday – Now this is embarrassing!

What the GOP did is typical for what Trump does . . . take credit for what’s not yours.

His leadership brought us together; his legacy inspires us still. Happy Birthday, President Lincoln!
10:26 AM – 12 Feb 2017

The sharp minds at the GOP managed to fail at even finding a legitimate quote by their party’s very first president to use on their birthday tribute to him.

The famously well-spoken Lincoln has volumes of writings and speeches to pull from, instead the GOP’s official Twitter account picked the above photo to share with the world.

That quote, something you might find on a Hallmark card, is not from Lincoln. It wasn’t even said in the same century as Lincoln.

According to the website Quote Investigator, which specializes in hunting down attributions to tricky quotes, the oldest use of the line is 1947. It was used in an advertisement.

But the earliest appearance of this notion located by QI was in an advertisement in 1947 for a book about aging by Edward J. Stieglitz, M.D. The image at the top of this article shows the ad for “The Second Forty Years” which ran in the Chicago Tribune newspaper [ESCT]:

“The important thing to you is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years!”

Even more embarrassing for the GOP, the quote was subsequently made famous by a Democratic presidential nominee, Adlai Stevenson. He was using the line in speeches as early as 1952. Lincoln, who had been dead for nearly 100 years by that point, is never credited as the originator.

But before we judge the GOP too harshly for relying on a fake quote, maybe their struggle was in finding a real Lincoln quote that didn’t highlight the various ways they, as a political party, have betrayed his legacy. Here’s a real Lincoln quote they may want to stew on as they consider Muslim bans, Hispanic discrimination, and black disenfranchisement:

“All men are created equal.”

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