We are a group of concerned Americans, much like some of you reading this now. In our group are men and women of all ages including Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. We are concerned about the direction that our country will take under the leadership of Donald Trump. We are worried about the welfare of America’s children, the loss of our civil liberties, the impact his policies will have on the environment, and our standing in the world community. Just stop and think about the long hard fought struggles to overcome segregation and the inequities of voting rights and women’s rights and LGBTQ rights. We’ve come too far to let these ideals be abandoned. Think about all the people who fought and died for these liberties – for your freedom.

The purpose of our website is to hold Donald Trump accountable for everything he said before and since the 2016 election for the Presidency of the United States and every move he makes from this point forward. Donald Trump needs to be held accountable for everything he says, does, and doesn’t do.

When we post something about Donald Trump, we will not go out of our way to make it negative or critical. We will strive to write only the truth and stay away from opinions. We will use credible sources which have been fact checked. We will state the truth, the facts. The idea is not to try to convince anyone about anything one way or another. Donald Trump’s supporters will support him until they realize he is not the man they thought he was, and that will happen by itself in its own time.

Donald Trump is already going back on many of his campaign promises. So many of the things he said while he was campaigning were just what he thought his supporters wanted to hear. We will keep you informed as he does or doesn’t follow through with more and more of his promises. We’ll talk about those campaign promises, his first 100 days in office, the qualifications of his cabinet picks, and pertinent news stories as they develop. And as far as the people he chooses to surround himself with, we will also be listing their qualifications for the position he is recommending them for.

Right now we need accountability and vigilance.

If there is something posted that you think is inaccurate, just send us an E-mail and we will provide a source.

If you have information that you think might be of interest to us . . . please send it along. We would greatly appreciate it!

All voices need to be heard!

Please help spread the word.