CIA Says There’s More Than One Tape Of Donald Trump With Russian Prostitutes


CIA now says there’s more than one tape of Donald Trump with Russian prostitutes

January 12, 2017
In what might be the worst story of all time, the saga of Donald Trump performing lewd acts with Russian prostitutes (and being videotaped by the Russian government for blackmail purposes) just keeps finding ways to get worse. Two days after the story first came to light from a British intelligence figure, CIA agents are now telling the BBC that the whole thing is very much real – and that Russian has multiple tapes of Trump filmed on multiple dates in multiple hotels.
Trump loudly insisted that the entire thing was nothing more than “fake news” and proceeded to shout a CNN reporter before writing off BuzzFeed as being “garbage” for their roles in bringing the story to the public. But Paul Wood of the BBC is now reporting that he’s been communication with “active duty CIA officers dealing with the case file” who have confirmed to him clandestinely that Russia truly does have blackmail tapes of Trump with prostitutes. Moreover, these CIA agents are asserting that there’s “more than one tape” and that Trump was secretly filmed with the prostitutes in both Moscow and St. Petersburg.
So where does this leave us? If only the Russian government has the tapes in question, which is not a guarantee, then we’ll never see them unless someone in the Russian government releases or leaks them. But at this point we have MI6 and CIA agents asserting that the supposed tapes really do exist. That’s bad news for Donald Trump, both because it suggests Russia can blackmail him at any time, and because it makes him look foolish for trying to write off the entire intel report as being fake.
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CIA Says There’s More Than One Tape Of Donald Trump With Russian Prostitutes
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