Trump’s twitter attacks cause threatening phone calls to Carrier union boss

December 8, 2016 – Trump’s constant barrage of Twitter attacks caused the Carrier union boss to receive threatening phone calls from Trump supporters after he fact checked Donald Trump.
Chuck Jones, president of United Steelworkers 1999, told NBC News that he had been harassed and threatened in the wake of Trump’s latest attacks.
Trump claimed that he saved 1,000 jobs at the plant, which is untrue. Trump had overstated the job savings of the deal hammered out between Carrier and the Indiana governor Mike Pence. This deal was actually negotiated by Mike Pence and not Donald Trump.
At a Dec. 1 meeting at Carrier, where Trump was supposed to lay out the details of the deal, Jones hoped that Trump would explain himself.
“But he got up there,” Jones said, “and, for whatever reason, lied his ass off.”
In front of a crowd of about 150 supervisors, production workers and reporters, Trump praised Carrier. “Now they’re keeping – actually the number’s over 1,100 people,” he said, “which is so great.” Jones wondered why the president-elect appeared to be inflating the victory.

The whole Twitter thing started 20 minutes after Jones appeared on CNN and said that Carrier will keep 730 jobs and another 70 nonunion positions in Indiana, but 550 jobs were still heading for Mexico from Carrier’s Indianapolis facility, and 700 jobs from its Huntington facility would also be sent to Mexico.
Jones later told NBC News: “I tried to correct some of his math, and he took exception to it.”
“I’m getting threats and everything else from some of his supporters,” Jones said. “I’m getting them all day long — now they’re kicked up a notch.”’s twitter attack against Carrier Union boss ca-news/trump-unable-ignore-critics-baselessly-attacks-carrier-union-boss-n693406

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich called out President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday for lashing out at a union leader who criticized the Carrier jobs deal.
“With all due respect, Mr. Trump, you are our President-elect of the United States,” Reich said on “Anderson Cooper 360.” “You are looking and acting as if you are mean and petty, thin-skinned, and vindictive. Stop this. This is not a fireside chat.”